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Our Team


Richard is the driving force behind Mlinda’s idea of environmental stewardship. He plays an influential role on all fronts: guiding our strategy for principled investments and making sure that we are on the right track to develop Mlinda’s prototype to promote sustainable consumption and production. He also has many qualifications and experience he would rather not divulge. We are dragging him, kicking and screaming, into the online world. If all goes to plan, you should be able to learn more about him live, in person and see him give a high profile talk on his ambitions to change the world. (Shush).


Liesl is passionate about preserving and promoting all things vulnerable and natural since meeting Iain Douglas-Hamilton, founder of Save the Elephants, in Kenya in 1997. The threat facing the natural world drives Liesl to advocate for change in methods of production and consumption. Her ambition for Mlinda is to push this perspective into the mainstream, by making its reality evident and its benefits compelling for all. When she is not searching for new areas where Mlinda can be involved or new ideas to promote our message by day, Liesl dreams of them at night.


Rebecca has been developing Mlinda’s strategy to promote sustainable production and consumption since the organisation’s inception in 2009. Her mission is to translate the Founders’ passion for improved production and consumption into tangible results in India and Europe. Rebecca oversees Mlinda’s team of diverse talents to produce coherent and effective action. Prior to Mlinda Rebecca spent over 20 years in implementing humanitarian and development programmes in conflict zones and emerging economies with a range of United Nations agencies and with NGOs in the early days the fair trade movement. She has a Public Administration degree from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government as well as degrees from University of London (LSE and SOAS) and Sussex University.


Florian had always sought to align his personal values with his professional skills. His position in Mlinda allows him to do just that as he oversees and coordinates finance and administration, ensuring projects are financially viable and vetting environmentally sustainable investments. Prior to joining Mlinda, Florian worked in asset management including roles in investments, operations and sales. Florian’s personal travels include trips from Europe to Asia by train and sailing across the Pacific, experiences which gave him an appreciation for the earth’s expanse as well as its fragile nature. Florian holds a degree from the MBA Institute and is a Certified International Investment Analyst (CIIA).


With an MBA from the Indian School of Business and experience managing large-scale energy projects, Vijay is most comfortable crunching numbers, structuring business models and collaborating to solve engineering challenges. A former Colonel in India’s army corps of engineers, he applies a similar discipline to his management of the Mlinda field teams. He has them constantly on the move, reaching out to rural communities and guiding our partner community organisations. Vijay enjoys spending time in remote areas with communities and indulging in West Bengal’s culinary specialties such as ‘rosogolla’.


Sudeshna has a Masters in Sociology and 13 years’ experience in the development sector. Her work with disadvantaged communities covers participatory planning, building effective partnerships, helping people stand up for their rights and working towards inclusive growth. Sudeshna is the face of Mlinda India and her magnetic charm means she is at her best when dealing directly with local communities.

Suchismita Ghosh,
Finance Officer

Suchismita combines financial expertise with a high-energy approach, an infectious positive outlook and good cheer. A team person with a large heart and a sweet tooth, it is a challenge for the staff to keep fit.

Tania Ghosh,
Project Officer, Technical

An electrical engineer by training, Tania made the leap from power plants to community-based work. When not chasing numbers and fixing technical glitches, she is busy exploring eateries and socialising. With her charming smile, Tania is Mlinda’s go-to person – ready to work anywhere, any time.