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Our Team

Team in India

Mlinda has a growing team of committed professionals based in Gumla, near the villages we work in. Engineers live in the villages for a limited length of time.

They install the grids, provide repair and maintenance functions, as well as connect new households to the grid. Most are qualified engineers others have diverse backgrounds. They come from different areas in Eastern India and show incredible dedication to the project and the people through their hard work. Some have also chosen to live in Gumla with their young families. They engage deeply with local communities to grow farm- based productive loads in villages. This leads to increase in local incomes and growth in village GDP.  A lot of local trust and goodwill is generated in this process

Structure, governance and management

Mlinda Foundation CIO was registered in England and Wales in August 2015. Its trustees are Sally Chandler, Richard Azarnia, Liesl Eisenbeiss, Giles Davies, Sachitt Chandaria and Mahesh Chhibber.

Mlinda Sustainable Environment Private Limited (MPL) was registered in Kolkata India in July 2014. MPL is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Mlinda Foundation CIO. Its Directors are Mr. Richard Azarnia, Ms. Liesl Eisenbeiss, Mr Atul Nagarajan. MPL is responsible for implementation, infrastructure, operations and maintenance. It works in close collaboration with the independent charitable trust Mlinda Charitable Trust which is responsible for community mobilisation, capacity building, and economic development, environmental and social impact.

Mlinda Foundation CIO and MPL work with the independent Mlinda Charitable Trust, which carries out activities related to research and development, community engagement and support to community businesses in relation to the rural electrification activities.