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What we do

Mlinda shifts mind-sets away from short-term attitudes to long term values. We develop and scale blue-prints for others to adopt and emulate. We share our models so they become catalysts for a stable future.

Our Mission

for industry
to produce well


to consume


production and

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Our approach

All of our projects are financially viable, open-source and designed to be readily reproduced and improved upon by anyone, anywhere in the world. They directly benefit those producers and consumers who participate, and act as an incentive and example for those who do not.
We are currently installing an affordable, community-owned renewable energy system in rural areas in India. A second project involves the creation of a principled investment portfolio supporting alternative modes of production. Both projects aim to lead by example.

The Mlinda Method

Identify projects

We look for any situation where an imaginative intervention can deliver positive and sustained environmental, economic and social benefits.

Engage community

We seek out local partners and involve them as equals: by clearly assessing and defining local needs, we can ensure that our projects become self-sustaining.

Engage partners

We use our influence to engage industry, government and NGO partners. They contribute the capability and capacity to make things happen.

Test and improve

We start with technical and commercial trials, move into the launch phase and follow up with continual monitoring and refinement.

Share and scale

We share every detail of all our projects so that others can learn from them and develop the work on a larger scale. Each project is a catalyst for change.

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